Stop Procrastinating with your marketing

3 Easy Tips To Stop Procrastinating With Your Marketing

Stop Procrastinating With Your Marketing If it feels like it’s taking forever to get your website up, publish your newsletter or launch your first program or information product, then it’s likely procrastination is the cause. Surprisingly, if your marketing projects are stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for someone such as your web developer or […]

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Get Un-Stuck And Out Of Neutral?

Nothing can feel more frustrating than having a big picture vision of WHAT you want to create or launch within your business, and feeling like you’re stuck in neutral. Have you ever felt like you were on a hamster wheel going round and round in circles but still getting nowhere? This is not an uncommon […]

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Is There A Time You Should Quit Being An Entrepreneur?

Is There A Time You Should Quit Being An Entrepreneur? Is it ok to quit being an entrepreneur?  I’ve had plenty of time to think about this long and hard over the past few weeks. On my recent trip to USA I had many fascinating conversations with fellow members from my Mastermind group, and reading […]

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Creating Freedom and Flexibility While STILL Enjoying Business Success

When you first make the decision to go into business for yourself, chances are that like most people, one of your driving factors is the desire to create freedom and flexibility in your business so you can enjoy more out of life. Unfortunately, what can happen is you get stuck behind  you desk working extremely […]

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Change Ahead - Product Launch About To Arrive

The Product LaunchKit is almost here!

  Changes Ahead – The Product LaunchKit Is Almost Here! Many of you who know me well would say it is within my character to have everything happening all at once! I am just one week away from heading over to the USA for almost six weeks of a business/pleasure mix trip.  The flexible lifestyle […]

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Secret Thoughts Women Have About Getting Old!

Secret Thoughts Women Have About Getting Old!

This is a touchy topic… I’m writing this to you because I want to address a secret thought you might be having about being too old.  You know some days you feel like you could take on the world, and yet other days you feel that you are waaaay too old to tackle anything challenging […]

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extreme confidence, confidence, entrepreneur, savvy entrepreneur, fear, unstoppable confidence

Build Extreme Confidence And Become An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

How do you build extreme confidence and become the unstoppable entrepreneur you were born to be? I remember when Murray and I got to bring home our beautiful daughter for the first time as a new baby.  There were lots of plans and dreams for what our life might become as a family. At the […]

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Frustrated and overwhelmed

Create A Simple Marketing Plan That Works

Do you have a simple marketing plan in place, or is this what you’re doing…… You’ve found some time to work on your business and you sit down at your computer ready to make your mark in the world. 1. First, you check your email to see who’s popped into your inbox today. 2. When […]

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Productivity and Time Management

Boost Productivity: Stop Busy Energy and Get Stuff Done!

Are you really committed to building a business that is thriving and bursting at the seams with clients?  Or do you just like the concept?  If you are truly dedicated to building a thriving business, then the first thing you’ve got to do is stop wasting your time on tasks that don’t bring in money. I’ve […]

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product creation ideas

7 Product Creation Secrets – Make A Fortune Sharing Your Advice

    7 Product Creation Secrets… Product creation is an interesting topic of conversation…. Whenever I tell people they can make a difference and a lot of money at the same time by sharing their skills, talents and expertise with others, they often look at me as if I’ve gone a little crazy. I accept […]

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